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Drug and alcohol policy statement

The policy of TST is to prevent the possession and use of illegal drugs, the abuse of alcohol as well as the misuse of legitimate drugs onboard managed vessels.

Each candidate seafarer must consent to undergo a pre-employment screening for drugs and alcohol. Satisfactory results are a precondition for employment.

Each Officer or crew member must consent to undergo unannounced testing for use of drugs and abuse of alcohol during his employment.
The possession and use of illegal drugs or substances onboard as well as the abuse of alcohol are serious offenses and grounds for employment termination.

The Company (or the Master as its legal representative) reserves the right to conduct unannounced searches for drugs onboard managed vessels.

The Company reserves the right to submit anyone onboard, including visitors and contractors, involved in a serious incident or suspected of drug use or alcohol abuse, to drug and/or alcohol screening immediately after such an event.

It is required that the Officers and ratings, returning from shore leave, must have at least a four hour period of abstinence from alcohol prior to assignment of duties onboard.

At no time should the Master or any Officer or crew member onboard be allowed to perform assigned duty under the effect of alcohol. Alcohol impairment, under this policy, is defined as a Blood Alcohol content of 40 mg/100ml or greater.

Signed by the Managing Director

Dr Rokkos Konstantinos
Managing Director