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Fleet Department

Responsible for:

1. Coordinating Company’s Operation, Marine and Technical departments, supervising the performance of their duties and monitoring and coordinating daily their job.

2. Directing vessels needs/requirements to the appropriate Departments.

3. Is Member of Emergency Response team.

4. Evaluating reports with defects, deficiencies/remarks/observations from various sources, i.e. majors, port state inspections, flag inspections, terminals, port captains, superintendent engineers and monthly reports from vessels.

5. Evaluating items from above reports and crosschecking with existing defect list for items which may be repeated.

6. Arranging additional items to be inserted in vessel’s defect/deficiency list, determining by which department will be attended.

7. Conducting meetings and updating records with status/progress of listed items, arranging minutes of the meetings to be distributed to the related departments.

8. Handing defect/deficiency list to the marine managers and technical managers and superintendents engineers, updating them with items which they must look after.

9. Ensuring through Marine and Technical Managers that all activities and procedures concerning safety and security required by Company’s Manuals are properly carried out.

10. Ensuring readiness of Company’s emergency room.

11. Monitoring vessels technical performance based in the following:
• Performance and noon reports sent by vessels including loading and discharging reports (as analyzed by Operation Department).
• Marine Managers and Technical Managers attendance reports
• Flag inspectors’ reports
• Class surveyors’ reports
• Vessel’s commitments against trading requirements
• Specialists’ reports
• Any other relevant reports

12. Planning onboard attendance in order vessels to be inspected by Marine Managers and Technical Managers at least every three months.

13. Reviewing PMS reports together with the Operation Managers.

14. Checking/approving/submitting vessels’ PMS reports for final recording into the system.

15. Follows up the vessel technical matters by reading all e-mails/telexes/fax/mail reports and checks that proper and prompt actions are taken by the responsible staff of the appropriate department to deal with any outstanding or routine matter.

16. Reviewing the dry-dock and repairs specifications.

17. During dry-docking he is keeping full records of reports sent by Attending Superintendent and as necessary he is giving appropriate instructions for improvement of work quality and completion time.

18. Checking the repairs accounts prior forwarding to the Management for approval

19. Reviewing and approving the obtained quotation submitted by Operation, Marine and Technical Managers.

20. Reviewing spare requisition list as approved by Technical Managers and for spares affecting main engine and/or generators and/or critical equipment and/or defective machinery, takes immediate action and speeds up the ordering procedures.

21. Gives instructions to Supply Department when and where ordered spares to be dispatched.

22. Considering vessel’s trading commitments, vessel’s consumption and ports of better prices the Fleet Manager in co-ordination with Operation department is arranging to provide vessels with required lubricants.

23. Following the new Class/Flag regulation updating all related departments for their implementation and due date.