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Marine Department

Responsible for:

1. Checking time sheets and cargo documents.

2. Handling disputes with Charterers/agents etc.

3. Keeping close follow up on vessel's safety, condition, and maintenance.

4. Keeping close follow up on Charters inspections and cooperating to reply on deficiencies noted during periodical visits of his Vessels.

7. Checking Quantity Control of bunkers on board vessels.

8. Lists availability of disembarked crew who report to manning offices.

9. Takes charge of monitoring new crew requests and sees to it that these are immediately responded to.

10. Initial notification of crew claims. In addition, responsibility also includes supply of charts and publications to the vessel. Following are also duties and responsibilities:

11. Arranging the initial supply of charts and publications for the new deliveries, new purchased vessels and preparing folios of vessels' trading areas in coordination with the Operations Manager.

12. Arranging through recognized suppliers (Kelvin Hughes or other) the new editions updates supply on a monthly basis, depending vessels' trading pattern in coordination with the Operations department.

13. Arranging requisitions of charts and publications received from the Master in coordination with the Operator.

14. Arranging for the latest Notices to Mariners to be supplied to the vessels every two weeks, depending on vessels' trading area

15. Arranging dispatch details

16. Informing Master and company's local Port Agent about delivery details

17. Ensuring items ordered are delivered on board

18. Checking delivery receipts and invoices received in the office against orders placed

19. Supplying logbooks, upon requisition sent from the Master

20. Keeping records for publications and latest Notices to Mariners onboard.

21. Updating third party publication from regarding new editions, new insertions and cancellations

22. Updating office library with available new editions and purchasing new publications upon request of the Managers.

23. Arranging subscription and supply of electronic charts (ENCS,ARCS) as applicable

24. Attending vessel at least every three months. Also attending during major repairsand Dry-dock.

25. Responsible to check whether the vessel is implementing the Company's working system and is in conformity with the provisions of the relevant rules and regulations

26. Attending vessel for carrying out inspections/ maintenance work and/ or repairs accompanied by appropriate riding team.

27. Supervising the hired teams employed by the Company to carry out cleaning and repairs work or deck/tanks maintenance, for efficiency/ quality and time spent advising Fleet Manager as required.

28. Maintain files/ records of all workshops available in ports where the vessel is usually calling. In ports where availability of workshops is unclear investigation is carried out through the nominated Agents.

29. Maintain separate files for each repair/service carried out where cost, quality and time is being clearly stated.

30. For occasional repairs/ services the vessel submits a repair requisition clearly stating description of damage and proposed repair. Under instructions of the Operations Manager and the Fleet Manager for specific port the is obtaining offer with repair procedure, including cost and time from two or three local workshops. The quotations received are recorded in a comparison table and submitted to Fleet Manager to select the most suitable one and then submitted to the Management for approval. As soon as the required shore assistance (repairs/services) is awarded vessel is instructed by the Marine (or Technical) Manager to land items in need of repairs. To this effect, vessel is preparing a landing report for local Agents. In some occasions and depending on the urgency of repair, offers are obtained after landing the machinery/ part for repair.

31. He is responsible for safe, secure, efficient and clean operation on ships.

32. Performs the duties of Internal Auditor.

33. Participates, when required, in the investigation of accidents, security incidents, near misses, NCRs, for preventing reoccurrence.

34. Trouble shooting onboard for cargo/ballast operation.

35. Attending vessels pre-purchase inspection, delivery/ undelivery.

36. Attending cargo surveys, bunker surveys.

37. Attending vessels dry-dock and repairs as required.

38. Monitor performance of crew and report accordingly.

39. Supervising the hired teams employed by the Company to carry out cleaning and repairs work or deck/ tanks maintenance, for efficiency/ quality and time spent advising Operations Department Manager and Fleet manager as required.