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  • TST International SA technical applications management system meets the highest standards of PMS and risk assessment by using proper information system within international risk assessment standards ISO 31000. Our highly qualified and experienced personnel ensures that our customers get maximum benefit for their commercial operations, regardless of the nature and place of the fixture.

    This is achieved by strict adherence to the following:

    • Thorough maintenance protects the customer's asset value.
    • Compliance with all international safety, quality and environmental protection regulations.
    • Budget disciplines and constraints are strictly followed.

    Our technical staff works as a "Team", thereby ensuring a very composite and controlled environment for our clients. This helps keep the costs down and productivity at its maximum.

    Following the trend by which more and more companies worldwide and particularly in the US have been moving to an open environment office we have transformed our offices experiencing that the open space promotes more active collaboration and cooperation between our employees particularly within the similar activity where teamwork is very important.

  • TST International SA operations and bunkering management system is an innovative information assisted management system for assessing loading and stowage plans, stability and sequential stresses, details of carried goods, multiple conditions, bunkers quantities-pre-delivery-in barge-after delivery with official reporting, port to port or period consumed quantities, assessing routes and weather, combined voyage or period performances, lay time calculations and off hires, employment and compliance with vessel’s particulars avoiding misdescription and subsequent claims against the owners interests.

  • TST International SA accounting and financial management system meets the highest standards of book keeping by using approved accounting procedures system within international quality standards. Financial reporting and electronic records fulfills professional acceptable standards of accounting requirements and is under auditing of international auditors firm (Chartered accountants).

  • TST International SA Manning Management System and MGA is assisted by information system to secure appropriate qualification standards, valid certification compliance, contractual follow up, rotation, staff appraisal system. With MGA we keep records for Master’s cash account and is interrelated with our accounting system.

  • TST International SA Supplies, stores, provisions and spares is an integrated fully automatic system to secure best prices for quality received. Fulfilling criteria for supply according to implemented ISO 9001 secures proper supply in a cost effective way. Suppliers chain has established and selected with proper criteria pertinent to ISO 9001 scope and quality assurance.

  • TST provides its clients with full spectrum of risk and insurance products and solutions in the Dry bulk sector including Hull and Machinery Insurance, Protection & Indemnity cover, War Risk, Contingency Risk , FDD cover, Pollution, Financial responsibility cover and all related risks pertinent to vessel’s operation and worth. This is done via world renowned brokers, mainly with London syndicate and London Underwriters but we also use Norwegian and US securing well managed risks even in these challenging economic times. We use experienced brokers providing us excellent services and actually acting as consultants in order to advise us for broking the best terms and conditions during placement and provide clients with market’s feedback and rating results, assisting them to present and handle any potential risk in the effective way.

    We cover cargo and crew claims with proper risk insurance cover through credible Protection and Indemnity insurance via a mutual London club covering in the best reliable way all potential claims to meet all possible liabilities in case of an incident, imposed by regulations and authorities, which nowadays has become extremely high.

    Our management system meets the highest standards for insurance and related risk management through out our operational activities and risk management system.

    Thanks to our strong and long standing relationship with the insurance market, we can help by creating cost effective insurance cover including new risks coming to the surface related to contingency situations with all risks issues this entails.

    All the above is supported by the appropriate software on which we base technical analysis thus producing the relative action plans.